Aeroflex / Metelics (MACOM)Aeroflex

/ Metelics (MACOM) offers a full line of silicon (Si) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) diodes, germanium (Ge) tunnel diodes, HBT amplifiers, resistors, inductors, capacitors, switches, NLTL comb generators and integrated devices produced in our Londonderry and Sunnyvale wafer fabrication facilities. Products are available in wafer, chip and packaged form and fit for a variety of commercial, military, and high reliability (hi-rel) communications, electronic warfare (EW) and radar applications. Our Metelics Hi-Rel division in Lawrence, MA, offers JAN-qualified TC zeners and hard glass switching diodes, current regulators, transistors and SCRs.


Akoustis’ broadband gain blocks allow unique, cost-effective solutions across multiple applications including; Commercial infrastructure, T&M, Aerospace & Defense. 50ohm broadband gain blocks cover frequencies from DC to 20 GHz and are available in standard package and bare die.

Ampleon USA Inc.

Created in 2015, Ampleon is shaped by 50 years of RF power leadership. The company is set-out to exploit the full potential of data and energy transfer in RF. Its innovative, yet consistent portfolio offers GaN and LDMOS products and solutions for a wide range of applications, such as cellular base stations, radio/TV/broadcasting, radar, air traffic control, cooking, lighting, industrial lasers and medical.

Amplifier Solutions

AMPLIFIER SOLUTIONS is a manufacturer of amplifier modules for the commercial & military markets from 0-4 GHz using hybrid construction techniques, utilizing either chip or packaged semiconductors, on thick alumina substrates or pcb materials. AMPLIFIER SOLUTIONS design specialties include push-pull high dynamic range amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, broadband amplifiers, & CATV amplifiers in either connectorized, TO8, & flange packages.


Anritsu is a leader in the design and production of Precision Microwave Components. Anritsu created and trademarked the V and K Connectors and continues to develop innovative connector products. Anritsu manufactures High Return Loss Connectors and Cables, Instrumentation Grade Adapters, Precision Terminations, Universal Test Fixtures, Attenuators, Detectors, DC Blocks, Bias Tees, and Measurement Components and Accessories.

API Technologies Corp

API Technologies designs and manufactures high performance systems, subsystems, modules, and components for technically demanding RF, microwave, millimeter wave, electromagnetic, power, and security applications. API products are used by global defense, industrial, and commercial customers in the areas of commercial aerospace, wireless communications, medical, oil and gas, electronic warfare, C4ISR, missile defense, harsh environments, satellites, and space.

API Weinschel

For over sixty years the name API/Weinschel (formerly Aeroflex / Weinschel) has become synonymous with leadership in RF and microwave technologies and superior quality components and subsystems for wireless, defense, test and measurement, and broadband markets throughout the world. Among its many technological achievements, API/Weinschel was the first to design and manufacture commercially available coaxial attenuators. Today, built upon a strong heritage, API/Weinschel continues to provide a vast array of standard products including, coaxial attenuators, programmable attenuators, variable attenuators, power dividers/splitters, terminations/loads, DC blocks, phase shifters, coaxial adapters and custom-engineered solutions to satisfy demanding market needs for precision and high reliability coaxial components.


API / Inmet designs and manufactures quality, economically priced, and RoHS compliant attenuators, terminations, adapters, dc blocks, bias tees, and other components for use in commercial, military, and lab applications from dc-65GHz. API / Inmet’s design capabilities have generated a substantial number of innovative microwave and wireless components for use in many markets and programs for more than 30 years.


Founded in 2009 by Wireless RFIC experts, Aviacomm is bringing to market a portfolio of low power, high performance, RFIC transceivers that address a variety of radio protocols and architectures, including TVWS, 4G/LTE, 3G, 2G, Cognitive Radios, Software Defined Radios, and other specialty wireless communication devices.


Carlisle Interconnect TechnologiesCarlisle Interconnect Technologies is one of the world’s leading producers of high-performance cable interconnect systems and manufacturer of high end RF/Microwave connectors. Developing and producing high-speed wireless communications, automated test equipment, microwave/RF transmission and more.


Delta Electronics Mfg. CorpDelta Electronics Mfg. Corp. produces the most popular connectors and adapters including: 2.92mm, 7-16, BNC, BMA, MHF/U.FL, MCX, MMCX, N, QMA, QPL 39012, QPL 55339, SMA, SMB, SMC, SMP/SMPM, SSMC, TNC and many other connector interfaces. Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp. has Full vertical manufacturing capabilities including CNC machining, electroplating, assembly, and test and measurement equipment including Vector network analyzer capability up to 65 GHz. Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp. is a Third-generation, family owned business (since 1955) located in Beverly, MA. USA

DiTom Microwave

Ditom Microwave has a unique capability to provide high quality microwave components for military and commercial applications. Founded in 1987, the company has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing coaxial, ferrite isolators, passive components, RF circulators and other products to satisfy specific system requirements for reliability, cost and size.


EMC Technology, Inc.EMC Technology has been a leader in the RF and microwave components industry. We support the military, space and commercial markets with leading-edge technology in thin and thick film passive devices, such as RF resistors, attenuators, terminations, and unique products such smart load – power sensing terminations, and thermopad – a totally passive, surface mountable temperature variable attenuator.


Florida RF LabsFlorida RF Labs is an internationally recognized leader in the development and manufacture of high quality thin film microwave resistive products, such as resistors, attenuators, and terminations, and high reliability RF and microwave coaxial cable assemblies used in military, space, commercial, broadcast and medical applications.

Frontier Electronics USA

Frontier Electronics is a leading designer and global manufacturer of electronic components. We design for and supply to the Power, RF, Telecom and Industrial Sectors. Large volume production support as well as one off design and manufacturing.


Isolink, Inc.Isolink, a subsidiary of Skyworks Solutions, Inc., is the leading supplier of high performance and high quality hermetically sealed RFIC and optoelectronic radiation tolerant components worldwide.


Johanson TechnologyJohanson Technology offers a broad range of Multi and Single Layer Capacitors, RF Inductors (Chip and Wirewound), LTCC based Chip Antennas, Baluns, Balanced Filters, Band Pass Filters, Low Pass Filters, Couplers, and Diplexers, as well as other components.


MAST TechnologiesMAST Technologies designs, develops and manufactures innovative RF, microwave and EMI absorbing materials for integration into military and electronics solutions. Unique elastomeric, caulking and low viscosity ink materials are formulated to provide tailored electrical performance without compromising customer-driven mechanical and environmental requirements. In-house design and development fosters intimate communication between MAST and the customer that persists from product inception to post-delivery activities. MAST prides itself on the ability to provide premium technology at competitive prices throughout the marketplace.

MECA Electronics, Inc.

Since 1961, MECA has designed and manufactured an extensive line of RF/Microwave components with industry leading performance including Fixed Attenuators, Directional & Hybrid Couplers, Isolators/Circulators, Power Divider/Combiners, RF Loads, DC Blocks, Bias Tees and Adapters & Cables. MECA serves all areas of the RF and Microwave industries including world class network providers and supporting supply chain infrastructure, and has long been the “backbone” of high performance wired and air-interfaced networks such as in-building applications, satellite communications, radar, radio communications, telemetry applications, mobile radio, aviation & air traffic communications.

MiniRF, Inc.

MiniRF, Inc. produces a large potfolio of broadband, surface mount, mini-RF passive components including couplers, splitters, transformers and mixers. These high-performance devices serve multiple end markets in broadband and wireless communications systems.


Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductors offers a full range of Silicon and GaAs amplifiers. From LNAs with .35dB noise figure to Ku Band power transistors.

MwT (Microwave Technology Inc- An IXYS Company)

MicroWave Technology, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of RF & Microwave Discrete Semiconductor Products, GaAs and GaN RF Power Amplifiers, Low Noise pHEMT devices, MMICs, Wireless Amplifiers, Hybrid Modules, Gunn Diodes (packaged and chip) and Connectorized Microwave Amplifiers.


NXPA leader in RF, NXP understands the many complexities of RF design. This is why we offer you RF products that deliver advanced performance and simplify design. Our portfolio covers the majority of communication and transmission systems, so it’s easy to find a solution that matches your particular requirements.


P1dBP1dB is a developer and manufacturer of RF and Microwave amplifiers, diodes, transistors, coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and components, attenuators/terminations, couplers/splitters, test & measurement components and also offers Hi-REL screening and parametric testing.

ParkerVision, Inc.

ParkerVision, Inc. designs, develops and markets proprietary radio frequency (RF) technologies that enable advanced wireless solutions for current and next generation communications networks. Products include modulators/demodulators, high speed Op Amps, Low Noise Amplifiers, Transceivers and Power Management ICs.

Peregrine Semiconductor

Peregrine Semiconductor, a Murata company, is a leading fabless provider of high-performance, radio frequency integrated circuits, or RFICs. The company’s solutions leverage UltraCMOS® technology, a patented, advanced form of silicon on insulator (SOI) that enables the design, manufacture and integration of multiple RF, analog and digital functions onto a single chip. Advancing the performance of RF SOI since 1988, Peregrine today delivers the monolithic integration and superior performance necessary to solve the RF market’s biggest challenges. Peregrine holds more than 180 filed and pending patents and has shipped more than 2 billion UltraCMOS units.


QorvoRFMD and TriQuint have merged to become Qorvo, a new global leader in scalable and dynamic RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and defense. Qorvo creates standard and custom products using gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon germanium (SiGe), indium gallium phosphide (InGaP), surface acoustic wave (SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technologies.Qorvo products include Amplifiers, Gainblocks, Mixers, VCO’s, PLL’s, Power Dividers, Low Noise Transistors, Medium Power Transistors, Power Amplifiers, Medium Power Amplifiers, High Power Amplifiers, Modulators, Transformers and CATV products.

Qorvo (RFMD)

RFMD and TriQuint have merged to become Qorvo, a new global leader in scalable and dynamic RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and defense. Qorvo creates standard and custom products using gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon germanium (SiGe), indium gallium phosphide (InGaP), surface acoustic wave (SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technologies.Qorvo products include Amplifiers, Gainblocks, Mixers, VCO’s, PLL’s, Power Dividers, Low Noise Transistors, Medium Power Transistors, Power Amplifiers, Medium Power Amplifiers, High Power Amplifiers, Modulators, Transformers and CATV products.

Qorvo (TriQuint)

RFMD and TriQuint have merged to become Qorvo, a new global leader in scalable and dynamic RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and defense. Qorvo creates standard and custom products using gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon germanium (SiGe), indium gallium phosphide (InGaP), surface acoustic wave (SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technologies.Qorvo products include Amplifiers, Gainblocks, Mixers, VCO’s, PLL’s, Power Dividers, Low Noise Transistors, Medium Power Transistors, Power Amplifiers, Medium Power Amplifiers, High Power Amplifiers, Modulators, Transformers and CATV products.


Radiall USA , Inc./AEPRadiall is a global manufacturer of interconnect products and components including coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, antennas, and fiber optic components. Radiall has over 20 connector series, including SMA, SMB, MCX, QMA, N and many others. Coaxial Components include: Attenuators, Terminations, Switches and Couplers.

RF Industries

RF Coaxial Connectors, Very Low Cost, SMA, SMB, BNC, TNC, N, UHF, Mini-UHF, FME, LMR, 7/16 DIN, Adapter Kits, Direct Replacement for Amphenol Connectors


RFaxis is a leading semiconductor company with focus on developing highly integrated, silicon-based single-chip, single-die RF Front-End Integrated Circuits (RFeICs) that significantly simplify the design task and substantially improve the range, receive sensitivity and data throughput for all major wireless communications protocols including Wireless LAN (WLAN), Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiMAX, LTE and 3G/4G mobile cellular handsets.


With more than 40 years of experience, RFCI designs & manufactures the most challenging ferrite devices to serve in space, military, and commercial markets. Overseas manufacturing allow very competitive pricing while US based R&D means continual process improvement allowing RFCI to supply the highest performance components at lower cost with the quickest time-to-market.

RFuW Engineering, Ltd.

Founded by industry veterans in 2014 to provide RF & Microwave products targeting a global clientele of OEMs, RFuW Engineering, Ltd. offers RF Switches, RF Limiters, Integrated Switch Limiters, Fixed Attenuator Pads, Quartz Spiral Inductors and MIS Chip Capacitors.


Rosenberger offers a full line of standard coaxial connectors & adapters, precision connectors & adapters, calibration kits, test fixtures, fiber optic, and automotive connectors (Fakra).


SANAVSANAV is a GPS, RF and Machine to Machine hardware and solution manufacturer specializing in antenna manufacture including WiMax, WiFi, GSM, UWB and Combo antennas.


Sangshin Elecom, a leading supplier of ceramic filters, offers over 700 designs in this area with frequency coverage from 500MHz to over 6GHz in both narrow and ultra wide bandwidths. With extremely short sample and production leadtimes, competitive pricing, and cutting edge technology, Sangshin is an excellent choice for your filter, duplexer and diplexer needs.

Shoulder Electronics Limited

Shoulder Electronics, Ltd. is a manufacture of piezo components. They offer SAW filters and resonators, multilayer chip LC filters, ceramic filters and resonators,and quartz crystals widely used in wireless telecommunications, RF remote controls, audio visual equipment, and computers.

Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is empowering the wireless networking revolution. Our highly innovative analog semiconductors are connecting people, places and things spanning a number of new and previously unimagined applications within the automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, connected home, industrial, medical, military, smartphone, tablet and wearable markets. Skyworks is a global company with engineering, marketing, operations, sales and support facilities located throughout Asia, Europe and North America and is a member of the S&P 500® and Nasdaq-100® market indices (NASDAQ: SWKS). For more information, please visit Skyworks’ website at: www.skyworksinc.com.

Southwest Antennas

Southwest Antennas specializes in the design and manufacture of rugged, high-performance RF and Microwave antennas, accessory products, and customized antenna solutions built for today’s demanding communication environments. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Southwest Antennas offers a full range of technical services from initial product concept to final manufacturing for broadcast video, military / defense, law enforcement, homeland security, surveillance, aerospace, oil and gas, and M2M markets.

Sunny Electronics

Featuring its line-up of quick turn, high performance XO’s and VCXO’s, Sunny is a leading manufacturer of phase noise frequency generation products including a broad lineup of standard and custom XO’s, VCXO’s TCXO’s, OCXO’s, crystal filters, ceramic filters, and ceramic resonators.


Tai-Saw Technology Co. Ltd.Founded in 1997, TST’s goal is to become the leading manufacturing, design and service provider for high performance communication components. The former Motorola employees who founded TST applied their extensive experiences in related device design, manufacturing and processing development to realize these goals. TST is now recognized as the leading SAW (surface acoustic wave) device supplier in Taiwan, as well as the key OEM/ODM supplier of SAW device in the world.

Telemakus, LLC

Telemakus LLC offers a range of USB controlled, RF devices including True RMS detectors, Switches, Digital Attenuators, Vector Modulators and Synthesized Sources. Founded in 2004 the company also provides RF design services, specializing in high power linear amplifiers.


XMA CorporationXMA Corporation was established in 2003 through an acquisition of the Omni Spectra® product line from MA/Com Inc, Lowell, Massachusetts. XMA is focused on a wide range of standard products for Military, Aerospace, Test and Measurement, Medical and Telecommunication Equipment applications. These products include, Coaxial Adapters, Attenuators, Directional Couplers, DC Blocks, Dust Caps and Shorts, Equalizers, Power Dividers and Terminations with many connector options and in some cases a maximum frequency range of 65 GHz.


XSYSTOR makes peripheral circuits for GaN devices. They are sequencers, controllers, modulators and switches.