GS RF Wireless Technology Co Ltd


Who we are ?

We are the world’s largest and fastest growing electronic components marketplace.
We are a passionate group of engineers and industry experts. Our mission is to help our customers quickly find the electronic components they need at competitive prices.

Our Business

Established in 2010, GSRWT  provides an online marketplace with the industry’s largest inventory of electronic components — over 750 of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers and their authorized channels publish their unsold inventories at competitive prices .


Why trust your business to us?

GSRWT  is not a broker .
GSRWT  is a trusted  supplier for high-quality electronic, FR and microwave  components , Test and Measurement devices, PCB and PCBA services. We list only inventory sourced from component manufacturers and their authorized channels.
We are a well-established global Supplier
In our extensive global network, our experts list unsold inventory sourced from manufacturers and their authorized channels around the world. You can source inventory from the location closest to your site.
We guarantee our products
Every part we sell is guaranteed authentic. All companies on are required to be authorized or provide verifiable certification of their products. You can trust that every product we sell is 100% traceable. We offer a full manufacturer’s warranty or GSRWT warranty on all our products.
We take the haggle and hassle out of procurement
We offer some of the lowest non-negotiable prices you will find anywhere. With multiple listings, you can quickly compare prices, get quotes, and instantly purchase the components you need.
Global is our business
We have customer service agents in China ready to help. You can choose chat, email, or phone to find fast, friendly service for your order, quote, or any question.