Portable RF Mini Signal Generator

MINI Signal Generator

 Portable RF Signal Generator

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  • MSG3300 RF Signal Generator 3MHz to 3GHz
  • MSG2560 RF Signal Generator 25MHz to 6GHz

The Mini-SigGen is in fact a high-precision Analog or CW signal generator with a unique design, has been presented as an extremely valuable and remarkably economical measurement and laboratory equipment.

It has been designed based on several key features; it is portable for outdoor uses, completely standalone or independent, highly accurate, small, robust and so on. These noteworthy features have made it suitable for military and industrial applications.

Design and implementation of this product has been performed after reviewing all similar products around the world and examining all their weaknesses or advantages, so it can be described perfect for all purposes. All user interfaces have been eliminated by a high-resolution display and a high-power battery; it turns the system into a real portable product.

Along with these technical capabilities, a highly accurate electronic design using the last technologies and standards of the day accompanies our product.

The Mini-SigGen started with a great idea and a science-based research and eventually became an excellent device with a great design.

Mini-SigGen series signal generator produce RF signals in frequency range from 3/25 MHz to 3/6 GHz (3 Hz step), with power level from -80 dBm to +15/+10 dBm (1 dB step). Also, the isolation value of the RF output connector in the RF OFF is -90dBc/Hz. Four types of Analog Modulation: AM, FM, PM and PulM (Optional) and Two types of Digital Modulation ASK, FSK (Optional) are available. It is the ideal solution for wireless communications, aerospace and defense, computer, automotive, etc.

The high resolution of this 5-inch touch screen LCD, eliminates any external operator’s need for interfaces, and is, in fact, independent and portable. The device is equipped with a battery of 8000mah, capable of powering the device for up to 3 hours. This device with excellent design in terms of casing, also allows users to use military applications.

download datasheet :

download mini signal generator datasheet